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I Love Spring in Memphis

It’s Springtime here in Memphis.  This is without a doubt my favorite time of year.  Here are three reasons why I love Spring and why it’s even better in Memphis: It’s great weather… Continue reading

SOS Summer Staff

I’ve spent the last month filing through SOS summer staff applications, interviewing candidates, and praying about my decisions.  After much work, the SOS Summer Staff Class of 2012 is coming together!  Recruiting, hiring,… Continue reading

I Love Binghampton // Invitation

My wife and I have lived in Binghampton for almost two years, and we love our neighborhood. Here are a few reasons why we love Binghampton: Binghampton is the one of the most… Continue reading

The Gospel for the City

Originally posted on 10/22/2010 at sosmemphis.org. I live in the heart of Memphis, TN, one of America’s many broken cities.  But I love my city, and I want to express that love in tangible… Continue reading