All Christians are Theologians

The Bible speaks of us as knowing God and as being known by God.  Both of these important facts are part of the theology that each of us builds up during the whole of our lives as Christians.  Have you ever heard a person say (particularly in the middle of a discussion about the Bible), “I’m no theologian, but…”?  My answer to that is, “Yes you are!  All Christians are theologians, but some are more able theologians than others.”  Every Christian by definition knows God, thinks about God and makes statements about God.  So, you are a theologian.  Part of being a Christian is that we do theology.  That is, we put together different aspects of what we understand about God, and we build it into some kind of coherent understanding of our existence as God’s redeemed people living in the world.

From Graeme Goldsworthy’s, According to Plan (one of my favorite books)