Humility: True Greatness

I’ve been both challenged and encouraged by this book lately.  Here’s a snippet and a thought:

For those who feel the effect of their serious condition, who realize their humanly unalterable condition, the good news is that there’s One who appears on the scene and says this: “I’ve come.  I’m leading the way.  I’m moving relentlessly to the place where I’ll be nailed to a cross and lifted up as the ultimate example of suffering, and there the concentrated fury of the Father’s wrath for your sins will be visited upon Me.  And I will groan, for I am sinless and I’m unfamiliar with any sin, with even a single sin.  Yet on that cross I will experience the sins of many visited upon my body.  And I will die.”

C.J. Mahaney

This is great news for sinners like me!  He has come so that I may be right with God.  God delights in me not because of any good that I have done/do; God delights in me because of the goodness of His Son.  Realizing this truth leads more and more to a God-exalting, Christ-cherishing humility.  This is the key to greatness that Jesus both models and provides.