I Love Spring in Memphis

It’s Springtime here in Memphis.  This is without a doubt my favorite time of year.  Here are three reasons why I love Spring and why it’s even better in Memphis:

  1. It’s great weather for biking.  Biking is even better in Memphis because of all of the great parks like Shelby Farms Park and Overton Park and because of the Memphis Greenline that connects the city to these great parks.
  2. It’s great weather to sit on your front porch.  And sitting on your front porch is even better in my neighborhood (Binghampton) because it’s a front-porch neighborhood.  All of my neighbors are out, and we enjoy the great weather as a community.
  3. It’s grilling season.  And grilling is even better in Memphis because (I would argue) the very best food in the world is here.  And even though I’m no all-star chef, I think that food just tastes better in Memphis.

So go ride your bike, or go for a walk.  Go read a book on your front porch and say “hello” to a neighbor.  Cook and eat outside with good friends.  Enjoy this time of year, and enjoy your city.