I Love Binghampton // Invitation

My wife and I have lived in Binghampton for almost two years, and we love our neighborhood. Here are a few reasons why we love Binghampton:

  1. Binghampton is the one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Memphis. There are at least five different ethnicities represented on our street alone. We love the fact that we get to experience and interact with people from so many different cultures.
  2. There are so many great people here. Around 100 neighbors have invested in this neighborhood by strategically relocating here. In addition to these “strategic neighbors,” the residents who have lived here for years are wonderful people. There’s a unique sense of community here that is unlike any other place that I have lived.
  3. Binghampton is a front-porch neighborhood. The weather is starting to look more like Spring, and the neighbors are out walking, playing, and hanging out on front porches. This creates a unique feel of community.
  4. Location, location, location. Binghampton is in the perfect location in Memphis. It’s on the outskirts of Midtown. It’s close to Downtown. It’s five minutes from East Memphis. It’s close to the University of Memphis and Rhodes College. Overton Park is a five minute walk from our house. Binghamton Park is an even shorter walk. Or you can hop on the Greenline and head to 4,500 acre Shelby Farms Park.
  5. Broad Avenue Arts District is in Binghampton. This means that there are great restaurants walking distance of our home.
  6. Change is happening. Sure, there’s brokenness here. That’s true of every neighborhood. But there’s a real sense of hope here because things are happening. It was recently announced that Cornerstone Prep, a high-performing urban elementary school, will begin operating Lester School next year. In addition to Cornerstone Prep, Collegiate School of Memphis is providing solid education in the Binghampton community. The Binghampton Development Corporation is experiencing great success in renewing blight around the neighborhood, especially on Tillman Street. The Urban Farms Market is providing healthy food options to our neighborhood (we love that we can get awesome, healthy, and local food just a few blocks away!).
There’s so much more that I could mention. Rather typing the longest blog post ever and mentioning everything here, I’d like to invite you to come see for yourself. The Urban Summit is an event happening THIS weekend, and part of the event is a tour of Binghampton. Something unique is happening here, and this is a great opportunity to witness it.

Register now for the Binghampton tour, and come see all that God is doing in our neighborhood.

***Photo credit goes to Breezy Torres, a local artist and freelance photographer. Check out her work, and consider her for your photography needs!