Memphis Breakfast Challenge

One of my reasons behind this blog is to write about things I love.  And two things I love are Memphis and food (Memphis is a great place to be if you love food!). So my friend David and I were presented a challenge.  We call it the Memphis Breakfast Challenge: 52 weeks. 52 breakfasts. 52 different restaurants.  After 16 weeks, here is an update on where we’ve been:

  • Week 1: Republic Coffee
  • Week 2: The Pancake Shope
  • Week 3: Bryant’s
  • Week 4: CK’s Coffee Shop
  • Week 5: Brother Juniper’s
  • Week 6: The Cupboard
  • Week 7: The Arcade
  • Week 8: McDonald’s
  • Week 9: The Cottage
  • Week 10: Bob’s Barksdale Restaurant
  • Week 11: Chick-fil-A
  • Week 12: Cafe Eclectic
  • Week 13: Stone Soup Cafe
  • Week 14: Perkins Restaurant
  • Week 15: Blue Plate Cafe
  • Week 16: Donald’s Donuts

After 16 weeks, here are our top 4 breakfast picks.  These four restaurants are a “must-try.”

Bryant’s is my absolute favorite breakfast place in Memphis.  I judge a breakfast by how good the biscuits are, and Bryant’s biscuits are the best biscuits I’ve ever had (bold claim, but if you try them you’ll agree).  Plus, as the sign in the picture above tells us, it’s air conditioned, which is a plus in Memphis.  We’ll see if Bryant’s holds up throughout the rest of the challenge, but I have a feeling it will.

Blue Plate Cafe is the place to go if you’re hungry!  All of their meals will feed three people, and they come with delicious biscuits and gravy (you know how I judge a breakfast… And Blue Plate has amazing biscuits!)

Many Memphians give Brother Juniper’s the number one breakfast award (the huge crowds at breakfast make this evident).  While it’s not my number one pick, it’s a solid choice!

The Pancake Shop is one of David’s favorite breakfasts in town.  It has the feel of a classic diner. Head to the Pancake Shop if you’re in the mood for a classic diner breakfast.

What do you think?  Any places we should add to our list (we need your help!)?