Why I Blog

It seems that a necessary part of starting a blog is posting a blog post about blogging itself. So here goes.

I’ve debated long and hard about starting a personal blog.  Here are four reasons why I decided blogging is important:

  1. I enjoy writing.  If you enjoy doing something, you should take every opportunity to do more of that thing.
  2. Words are important.  I tend to think that I don’t have much to add to culture.  I’m no artist, I can’t take great photos, and I only play guitar decently well.  Then I remember that words perhaps shape culture more than anything else.  Also, God chose to communicate with human words.  So they must be important.
  3. For family and friends.  I have family and friends scattered all over the place.  Technology presents amazing ways to stay connected like never before, so why not utilize it?
  4. Shameless promotion.  There are a few things I really love, and a personal blog is another medium to communicate with others about the things I’m passionate about.

There are also some dangers to blogging that I (and maybe you) need to be careful not to fall into.